• HEA supports sustainability in hydro power implementation. HEA members are in strong favor of implementing hydro power projects in a sustainable way.
  • HEA supports the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol . To this end, HEA supports the currently best-available sustainability assessment tool in use to measure and guide sustainable performance in the hydro power sector.
    The protocol assesses four main stages of hydro power development:

    • early stage
    • preparation
    • implementation
    • operation

    Assessments rely on objective evidence to create a sustainability profile against some 20 topics depending on the relevant stage and covering all aspects.

  • The Protocol is the result of intensive work
    From 2008 to 2010 by the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum as a multi-stakeholder body with representatives from social and environmental NGOs (Oxfam, The Nature Conservancy, Transparency International, WWF); governments (China, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Zambia); commercial and development banks (Equator Principles Financial Institutions Group, The World Bank); and the hydropower sector represented by IHA and also participation through HEA members helped to develop the tool further.
  • HEA as a Sustainability Partner to IHA
    HEA has underlined its support of the Protocol by announcing to become a Sustainability Partner at the IHA Congress on Sustainable Hydro Power in Iguassu/Brazil in June 2011.
  • Main focus of HEA’s sustainability efforts
    This focus will stay on propagating the wide application of the Protocol to encourage global recognition. HEA has also recognized the key role, it can play in this regard, in promoting its worldwide application.